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Model Lock ANA20/S (Ref:ANA_20SC001)



Model Lock ANA20/S (Ref:ANA_20SC001)


Electrical Retractable Lock Model ANA20S


  • Lock made up by two different elements, an electrical an a mechanical part.
  • The electrical part must be placed in the door´s frame, in order to prevent crossing wires or any contacts (between door and frame). The mechanical part (fixed on the door´s leaf) could be set with an european profile cylinder and a handle as well.
  • Closing will be produced through a locking lever emerging from the mechanical part of the lock, introduced in the location provided for this purpose, situated on the electrical modul.
  • The lock will be charged mechanically while closing, forcing the door´s blockade itself. The opening of the lock will be made by an electrical impulse. Ones the opening has been made, the lock won´t remain blockade till we practise the phisical door opening and closing.
  • Upon request, the electrical part of the lock could be supplied with a little modification, what is called "batiente" function (sluice gate // constant opening). We will get this function supplying a constant voltage to the lock, without causing any type of deterioration on the main working of the unit. The lock will operate as usual ones we cut any tension on it.
  • Feeding of: 12VAC 15W.
Technical outline PDF: Ana20 English
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