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Keyboard Sun-2

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Keyboard Sun-2


Ref.Keyboard Sun-2




Combination Keyboard.


  • Keyboard for workings of electric locks, you alarm, etc..
  • Electronic remote with 3 hose meters.
  • Code access teacher to programming.
  • 250 user codes.
  • Non volatile memory EEPROM.
  • Programmable Autoprotección.
  • 2 exits relé (exit 1 of 5Amp. and exit 2 of 1Amp).
  • Entrance for opening pulsador.
  • Blockade of security after 8 erroneous intents.
  • Luminous (led) indicators.
  • Automatic or permanent illumination of the keyboard.
  • Estanqueidad of the keyboard IP66.
  • Operation temperature -30º at +50º.
  • Feeding tension 12 to 24 V CA / DC. Min, 20mA. Máx, 200mA
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